Monday, August 31, 2015

Back from the dead & new workout schedule

Wow, so I'm finally back on my feet after my cold turned into an ear/sinus infection (and I had a reaction to the antibiotics). Antibiotics (when they're not so strong that they make you sick) are pretty amazing. Just a couple hours after my first dose, I was feeling at least 50% better.

favorite movie ever #noshame

During my 2 weeks of being bed ridden, I came up with a workout schedule that will give me a little more flexibility while maintaining my 5-6 workouts a week.

Monday- 2 30 minute workouts at home (most likely run + walk)
Tuesday- Zumba
Wednesday- 2 30 minute workouts at home (most likely run + walk)
Thursday- Zumba 
Friday- Zumba + Group Fight
Saturday/Sunday- hiking or run

I will definitely be adding strength training back in there but am not sure what the plan will be. I love Group Power (like Bodypump) but am trying to avoid being at the gym every single day, so something had to go. I might get a kettle bell and do strength training at home. Let me know if you have a weight program you love!

I am practically giddy looking at our lows this week- our Arizona summer is slowly wrapping up and our nights are once again in the 70s. I went for a walk this morning because it was only 92, which I get is still pretty damn hot, but it was almost breezy compared to the 110+ we've had this last month!

The temperatures cooling off also means my family and I can get back to our weekend hikes! We usually find that the temps are bearable the 2nd week of September or so. I know there are some hard core athletes out there hiking throughout the summer, but I like living and prefer to avoid hiking in 100+ degree heat.

Phoenix, I still love you as much as Sam loves Frodo

Do you stick to a workout schedule?
Do you still workout when you're sick or are you a wimp like me?


  1. Glad to see you feeling better! I'm definitely a wimp - if I'm sick, it's sweatpants and Netflix. Right now I have gym classes on Sundays and Tuesdays that are mostly part of my regular routine, but I know I would benefit from having a couple more workouts in there.

    1. Sweatpants and Netflix were totally my life for two weeks. I'm really struggling to get back to doing anything beyond walking because I got a new dog and all I want to do is hang out with her. LOL. I will go to Zumba tomorrow morning though.