Thursday, August 20, 2015

Star crossed lovers back together. and a new injury

Since my suspected stress fracture in February, I have been doing all my working out at the gym. I told myself that once I dropped a little more weight, I'd get back to running. Like I mentioned in my last post, it's been harder to get to the the gym, and it's way too hot to do anything outside, so on a whim, I decided to run a few weeks ago.
And it. went. AWESOME.

Runner's high is the only excuse/explanation for posting a sweaty selfie

It actually happened to be on the one year anniversary of my ankle surgery so it felt extra amazing!

I was able to do 2 miles with barely any effort! I'm down around 15 pounds since my last run and I've been doing a crapton of cardio, and honestly, it didn't feel like 6 months had passed.

I've had a few more runs since and they've also been great, but I want to really focus on keeping a good balance to avoid injury. I'm planning to limit my runs to 2-3 a week for the foreseeable future and balance my workouts with classes at the gym.

But that is the silver lining on a shitty, shitty thing that happened last week...I've been having an issue when working out- now matter what it is, if I do it for 15 minutes or longer, the outer toes on my right foot start to go numb and cramp up to the point where I have to take a short break or stop altogether (which I rarely do, because I associate quitting a workout with my old, obese self and am very stubborn about it). I finally saw my doctor about it and he thinks it's likely a nerve issue, more specifically a neuroma or tarsal tunnel syndrome. So I have a referral to go back to the team of doctors who operated on my ankle (FML) and get it figured out.

what I said to my foot

So there it is, the good (running again!!!), the bad (my effing foot), and the ugly (sweaty workout pic).

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