Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Current Running Goals + Training Plan

I have many fitness goals, some small (adding strength training 2x/week), some huge (run a half marathon next year, hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon sometime in the next few years). 

I have big dreams.

My big goal for the first half of 2015 is to train for and run a 10k in my home state of Wisconsin in June. We've been planning a trip back for a few months, and I found out that the Bellin Run is planned for the weekend we're in town! I've heard that it's a great race, well-organized, and it's pretty cheap ($20).

And the shirt design is cute, which we all know is most important.

I realize this is a lofty goal considering I've never run longer than 2.5 miles. I've had the "Run Longer" plan (from the Runner's World website) for a while, and I started it this week! I'm notorious for starting training plans and quickly veering off course, or switching to another plan (#ADHDproblems), so I'm pretty determined to stick to this one.

Anyone ever use Runner's World Starting Line plans? I don't like paying for them (I'm kinda cheap) but I like how straightforward and easy to follow they are. The plan from the book "Run Your Butt Off" is what transformed me into a full-fledged runner, so I'm a believer.

NOT Belieber

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