Saturday, January 17, 2015

Workout log for this week

I said I wanted accountability, so here it is- my workouts this week.

Sunday- Ran 30 minutes
Monday- 1 mile
Tuesday- 2 miles
Wednesday- running rest day, did Runner 360 and some upper body with weights
Thursday- 2 miles
Friday- Rest day
Saturday- Hiked (nearly) 2.5 miles

I usually walk or bike during the day, but we took it easy this week because my son had a sore throat. Finally took him in to the walk-in clinic, and the nurse practitioner thought that it might be allergies. Sure enough, 24 hours after his first dose, he was feeling better.

Allergies can be a real bitch

Also, lest you all think that I am a super speedy running machine, stop. I am getting faster, but I am still pretty overweight and can definitely tell that it slows me down. My current pace per mile is 13 minutes.

But honestly, I'm just so thrilled to be running (at any speed) after being laid up for several months that I'll take it.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to run 3 miles- this is the longest I've ever run...wish me luck!!! Next weekend, I'm participating in the Runs For Cookies virtual 5k. It's going to be my first 5k and I am psyched!

My goals for the week are to add one more day of strength training or a HIIT workout, as well as get back to our daily walk/bike rides. And, of course, keep sticking to my "run longer" plan!

How are your workouts going? Share any short or long term health goals!

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