Saturday, January 24, 2015

Workout Log for this week

This week's workout log is unimpressive. My ankle has been really aching and I'm freaking out about all the ibuprofen I'm taking for it. I did switch my runs around this week so that I could rest my ankle but still get my mileage in.

Sunday- Ran 3 miles
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Oops, another rest day
Wednesday- 2 miles (hills)
Thursday- Walked 35 minutes, ran 1 mile (speed)
Friday- 3.25 mile bike ride
Saturday- Runs for Cookies virtual 5k

Total mileage: 9 ish miles (goal, 9-10)

Strength training: totally freaking forgot (goal, twice/week)

Cross training: twice (goal, 4-5)

I'm not going to make excuses, workouts were really hard to fit in this week. I am bummed that I failed to stick to my goals regarding strength and cross training, but proud to have gotten my mileage in!


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