Sunday, March 22, 2015

Checking in!

I really tried to stick to my goals this week. I did succeed in working out every day except for Wednesday, but even then we did some walking around Goldfield (an adorable ghost town/tourist trap in the Superstition Mountains).

I stuck to the elliptical and stairmaster, and did strength training Tuesday and Thursday. It came out to 45 minutes to an hour for each workout.

The only goal that I epically failed on was tracking my food. Not so much because I ate horribly or anything, but because we ate out way too much and I couldn't always find the nutritional info.
This week I want to keep the eating out to a minimum- 2 times (including lunch) is my goal. It's always such a balancing act. When I am rocking the workouts, I struggle with the eating. Even with my fairly clean diet, there's nearly always room for improvement.

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to health, exercise or food?

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