Sunday, March 15, 2015

Goals for the week

My mother-in-law is in town visiting for the week, and my husband is off, so my regular routine will be basically non-existent.

It's the perfect week to set a few fitness goals to stick to, so I have some kind of road map to stick to so as not to get too off track. Last time I set goals here on the blog, disaster struck (mild over exaggeration, whatevs) and my foot started giving me problems, setting off a shit storm of panic inside my head.

I am ever the optimist, however, and both feet and ankles feel great right now, probably in part due to the fact that most of my working out has been low impact. In fact, I was amazed at how great my ankle felt during our epic hike on Saturday. The first time we attempted that trail (2 months ago), the hike back down was extremely difficult on my ankle. This time it felt really good (better than my hamstrings + head + stomach, ha).

My health/fitness goals for this week:

Work out for an hour at least 3 days.
Track my calories as closely as I can at least 3 days.

My goals will get more specific again when my schedule gets back to normal. For now, I'm going to enjoy this time with the family... and try not to gorge myself on yummy restaurant food too much.

I still really really miss running. I told my husband the other day that running and I are like star-crossed lovers... it's the only form of exercise that I can become truly obsessed with. I think about it and read about it and plan events around it. But the minute I make any progress and am running on a regular basis, something happens. This bad luck where running is concerned goes back YEARS, as I've always had weak ankles/feet with a history of sprains. A less determined (or smarter) person would take that as a hint that they're maybe not meant to be a runner and focus on alternative forms of exercise. But I haven't gotten to this point without determination and I'm planning to add running back in after losing another 10-15 lbs, with the hope that less weight on my joints = less chance of injury.

Do you have a form of exercise that you love as much as I love running? Hiking is a (very) close second for me.

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