Saturday, March 14, 2015

Workout log for this week!

I am super proud to report that I worked out for an hour or more every day this week (taking today off)!!! I am loving having a place to go work out in with multiple options- it helps me not get too bored (#adhdproblems).

Here's my workout log for this week:

Monday: 30 minutes on elliptical/30 minute walk
Tuesday: 20 minutes elliptical/45 minute circuit training class
Wednesday: 40 minute bike ride/30 minute walk (couldn't make it to the Y)
Thursday: 15 minutes elliptical/45 minute circuit training/20 minute walk
Friday: 35 minutes elliptical/10 minutes Stairmaster
Today: My husband and I decided to tackle a really difficult hike that we'd attempted once before. We had to cut that hike short because we had our son with us and it was really, really challenging. We were determined to get to the top this time.
This trail is all uphill and winds around the mountain. It took us 2 hours, around 3.68 miles. I had a horrible headache and an upset stomach the entire time but we just took a lot of breaks and stayed hydrated- I was NOT going to turn around!!!

The view from the top was pretty amazing.

On a clear day, you can see downtown Phoenix on the right

I have adorable pictures of my husband and I at the top but he wants to stay off of my little corner of the internet. :(

I kept my calorie intake right around 1400-1500 calories every day, so I'm really happy with how this week went!

What are your proudest achievements health wise this week?

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