Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Arizona Love

I fell in love with Arizona the first time I visited in 2008. The sunshine, blue skies, the mountains, the scenery... it was all so different from everything I'd ever known growing up in the midwest. We ended up going back to visit 3 months later, then a year after that, and finally in 2012. In early 2013 we decided we were tired of constantly vacationing here (and the post-vacation sadness was getting more and more pronounced) and decided to make the jump! We finally arrived Memorial Day weekend 2013 after 3 days in a minivan with a hyperactive 8 year old, 2 dogs, a bird, and a lot of stuff.

This past week Arizona got a lot of press as we hosted the Super Bowl- the first Super Bowl in a long time to have ticket prices actually go up as the game neared! I also played tourist a little since my aunt was in town visiting.

We went to Sedona

Orange picking at the ranch/citrus orchard down the street

 Walked around Old Town Scottsdale

 Visited Lake Pleasant (on a uncharacteristically cloudy day)

Drove around by the stadium to see the Super Bowl setup

Do you love where you live? If not, where would you move if you had the opportunity?

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