Monday, February 23, 2015

Oh, hello!

I did not mean to take a week away from my little corner of the internet. This week was a little light on the working out which always makes me feel blah.

But... foot update! I walked my regular 1.5 mile route on Saturday and today and felt no pain!!

Of course, my initial instinct was to do ALL THE THINGS! But even the thought of an injury was pretty scary and I think I'm going to take a little more time off from running. I guess the way I look at it is as much as I love running, I'd rather give that up a little bit longer than lose running, walking, AND hiking.

I'm hoping that taking weight off my joints through lower impact workouts will make it safer (and easier) for me to achieve my running goals. Even 10 or 15 lbs would make a huge difference when running! God help us if it takes me too long to get there...

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