Tuesday, February 17, 2015

While running and I are on a break

Even though my last run was a week ago, today was the first day that I finally acknowledged that I am taking an extended break from running.

Honestly, I still take Rachel's side in this argument

I made an effort to be active but it definitely didn't have the awesome sweat factor of running. I went for a 30 minute (give or take, forgot to track) bike ride, and did this workout (which was admittedly pretty tough). My Bodymedia Fit Link doesn't pick up HIIT workouts or cycling very well, so not sure what my calorie burn was, but I got almost an hour of activity in. I'm feeling very apathetic to all this stupid non-running exercise crap, however.

unimpressed giraffe is unimpressed with today's workout

In an effort to keep up my motivation, I've admitted to myself that I'm going to need to join the gym (something I've managed to avoid for 2 years) so that I can find fun ways to work out that don't involved my still overweight body pounding the pavement. I can use the elliptical, and I love Zumba, so I have a few low-impact options. Having several machines and class options at my disposal will hopefully help keep boredom at bay.

What are your favorite ways to exercise?

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