Monday, February 16, 2015


Last Tuesday's run went great... Wednesday was a rest day, and I noticed a twinge in my left foot (not the side with the ankle issues, that feels great). Thinking I'd pulled something, I wasn't too worried.
Thursday I noticed that I couldn't walk long distances without that twinge turning into full-blown pain. I decided to take another rest day. But I was FREAKING OUT. Dr. Google had me convinced I was dealing with a stress fracture.
It was still bothering me on Friday (after walking around the store for a while), so I took the entire weekend off of any activity. Which is torture for me, by the way.

Today it was feeling much better so I went for a walk. About a half mile in, the pain set in and I hauled ass to urgent care to get it looked at. They did x-rays (although I've heard stress fractures are difficult to detect on x-ray) and said everything looks fine, but that I need to take some time off of high-impact exercise, like running, hiking, even walking for a while.

Basically all the activities I enjoy doing.

So, stress fracture or not, looks like I'm taking time off from running... AGAIN. 

I've been telling myself that unlike the shit storm that was my ankle fracture/surgery/healing, this is not a life-stopping, cast-wearing injury. I can keep going with my weight loss efforts, I just need to find other forms of exercise to keep up my weight loss. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to work out twice as long to get anywhere close to the calorie burn running gets me.


  1. Oh man! What a bummer! I hope it's not a stress fracture and you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks! It's been a week since my last run. It is driving me insane! :P