Sunday, February 8, 2015

Workout log for this week

 It's that time of the week!

Monday- 30 minutes walking
Tuesday- Ran 2 miles, 30 minutes walking
Wednesday- Ran 1 mile, 40 minutes walking
Thursday- rest
Friday- Ran 2.5 miles, 30 minutes walking*
Saturday- rest
Sunday- 3 miles

My first week with just a basic mileage goal and no specific plan...went pretty well! I'm proud that I added walking back in. I was a little short of my 10 mile weekly goal because I had dental work done on Thursday morning and was a total baby all day (I was so traumatized from my root canal 2 years ago that I've been putting off the crown this whole time).

I am taking this time to build my base, but also work on my speed. On Friday's 2.5 mile run, I told myself I really wanted to finish it in 30 minutes. I knew that would mean I'd have to run a 12 minute pace the entire time which seemed, while not impossible, at least a little difficult. I started at a 13 mile pace, but quickly ramped it up to 12:00. With my goal in mind, I added some faster intervals in throughout the run and finished in 30:09.

Friday was an insanely active day. I wore my Bodymedia Fit Link armband (which they don't make anymore, since they were acquired by Jawbone) the whole day, because I was curious to see how much I would burn doing my workouts plus grocery shopping and cleaning. My activity by the end of the day was insane:

I'd love to see every day be so active! I have such a love/hate relationship with my armband. I love that it measures calories burned and activity level any time it detects an increase in activity- which is why it counts cleaning and shopping. And it's supposed to be extremely accurate. I hate how bulky it is and definitely don't like wearing it with short sleeves or anything with tighter sleeves.

Today was my long run. I did 3 miles, in beautiful (but warm) 80 degree weather. I ran my favorite neighborhood path which goes past the citrus grove we go to for our delicious oranges.

the citrus grove is on the right

thanks for the allergies asshole

Also, my early bird experiment is a definite success. I am getting hooked on being up earlier- the days are longer and I can accomplish a lot more.

Definitely going to keep going and hopefully it will become a habit!
Are you an early bird or night owl?
Did you have a great week of workouts?

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